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An Octopus's Garden Flowers in Las Vegas

     Timi  developed a love for flowers and plants in the early 90's when volunteering with the Master Gardeners in Las Vegas. She left the Corporate World to open An Octopus's Garden as she completed degrees in Floral Design Management and Urban Horticulture. The many legs of the Octopus explains it all, a love for all things flowers and plants as well as a fan of the Fab Four.

Conni Harris, AiFD 
Flowers enhance your Image. Talented floral artist, Conni Harris, AIFD at An Octopus's Garden Floral Design Studio created a stunning visual at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Mercury Glass vases with white branches and lavender Phalaenopsis Orchids create the base and armature.  Layers of fluffy green dianthus and green hydrangea filled the taller vases.  At the base were a bright spring mix to include Tillandsia Xerographica, Airplants, Perle Von Nurnberg succulents, in more silver mercury vases. The display welcomed show attendees at LFI.  Looking to provide exceptional experiences to your show, flowers for general sessions, lounges, or stage environments, An Octopus's Garden
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