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An Octopus's Garden Flowers in Las Vegas

  1. Terraiums for convention booth in Las Vegas
    Apothocary Gardens
    Amazing Apothocary Gardens. Lovely mix of Airplants, rocks and moss with driftwood. Call for sizing
  2. Apothecary gardens for tradeshow in Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Convention Center
    Apothocary Terrariums
    A sure size Apothocary garden for any space in your convention booth.
  3. Convention plant display
    Airplant Terrarium
    Airplant under glass for Convention at Mandalay Bay Convention Center while in Las Vegas
  4. Airplants at Las Vegas Convention
    Tillandsia Xerographica
    A large interestingly shaped Tillandsia Xerographica under cloch with rustic tin vase.
  5. Geometric terrariums plants for convention Las Vegas
    Terraiums for our Corporate Event
    Geometric glass domes with air plant terrariums.
  6. Plants for tradeshow booth while in Las Vegas
    Oversized Terrarium
    Large scale terrarium for a big impact in your space.
  7. Airplant displays at Las Vegas Convention
    Glass globe
    A glass globe with airplant, perfect for smaller areas and counter tops in booth.
  8. Convention plants while in Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Convention Center
    Round Bowl
    Assorted air plants and succulents make an interesting display inside your booth.
  9. Succulent plants for tradeshow in Las Vegas
    Glass Geometric Terrarium with succulents
  10. Plants in Las Vegas
    Glass Terrarium
    Big Impact, small footprint. The perfect plant for your tradeshow booth while in Las Vegas
  11. Small plants for tradeshow in Las Vegas
    Air plant displays
    Airplant gardens inside self contained Apothecary Vases
  12. Airplants for convention display in Las Vegas
    Airplant display
    Rustic wooden vase grapewood branches and airplants